Saturday, April 20, 2013

World Cup '74 #19 (Ray Baartz)

graphite & putty eraser/30x20cm

Finally presenting the most recent drawing to be processed for the purposes of the World Cup ’74 Project, the original source image (subsequently digitally manipulated to create the immediate reference) being provided by the FKS collectors’ stamp album ‘Wonderful World of Soccer Stars World Cup 1974’ (as also illustrated).

On this particular occasion, the portrait subject pixellatedly embedded within the matrix of toned graphite squares happens to be (the) one (& only) Ray Baartz of the FKS-proposed Australia squad, who, despite being another of the many names associated with the 1974 World Cup previously unknown to me, achieved something of legendary status precisely because he was unable to participate in the tournament, unfortunately rendered hors de combat by the physical consequences of a karate-esque attack perpetrated upon him by a Uruguayan opponent during the course of a pre-World Cup so-called friendly match.

As has become related to this drawing, I quite recently invested in, for purposes of the nostalgia centred, like this drawing project, upon the beginnings of my interest in football, a copy of what I recall as being (something to do with the image reproduced on the cover) & therefore believe to be, the very first issue of Shoot! Football magazine that came into my possession, subsequently becoming, by default, the beginning of quite a collection built up over the number of years prior to Shoot! being usurped by the NME as the ‘passionate’ weekly-to-buy. By one of those curious but rather charming instances of serendipity, this particular edition happened/happens to contain within, amongst its readers’ letters page, a submission from Australia updating Ray’s circumstances, with good news of his recovery & future after the abrupt end(ing) of his playing career.

By another coincidence, it seems the decision has been made here by the management at TOoT to apply a brutal chop to the World Cup ’74 drawing project, at least in the form it’s taken thus far, given the farcically long time it has recently been taking to complete but a single drawing. Whilst being reluctant to abandon the concept & subject matter, being dear to the heart & mind as it all is, the old creative endeavour seems to require something of a reboot…

Friday, April 05, 2013

World Cup '74 #18 (Adrian Alston)

graphite & putty eraser/30x20cm

Whilst it would be disingenuous indeed to claim that the hauntologically-inclined World Cup ’74 drawing project was continuing apace, progress it does, albeit more slowly than desired but rather in keeping with what has become the norm at TOoT.

As will be the case for all of the represented members of the Australian squad, the rather fabulous FKS-published collectors’ stamp album ‘Wonderful World of Soccer Stars World Cup 1974’ provides the original source image-object from which the drawing is subsequently processed (& for a scan of the thing itself, in situ, please refer to the image below).
From what is the infinite scope of possible configurations of toned graphite squares within the basic matrix, the portrait subject in this instance, simultaneously emerging from & subsumed within is Adrian Alston, who cuts a somewhat ambiguous figure in that I do recall his name, but only from post-World Cup, when he signed to play for Luton Town during the 1974-75 season when the club enjoyed a brief moment in the Division One spotlight, as indeed he did himself (subsequently, & as Luton suffered relegation, Alston also transferred out of the top flight to the then, since & now even more so appalling Cardiff City).
As a result of this mode of recollection, Alston is represented ‘only’ in monochrome rather than the colour treatment that names specifically remembered from the televised coverage of the tournament are/will be.