Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More of the Familiar 'Bull'...

graphite & putty eraser with watercolour/30x20cm

Being the most recently found 'roadkill' object, another example of our so-called 'Readymade Cubism' interestingly & quite intricately folded in its compressed transformation from rounded three-dimensionality into something of much shallower relief, but still tenaciously retaining enough of its recognizable brand identity through the colour of its design & the visible synechdoche of its name, which affords, in art-historical terms, another 'Jasper Johns moment', whose influence maintains a similar tenacity around these parts...


The Chasms 'vs. Dandelion Radio' EP
Boards of Canada 'In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country' EP
Test Match Special S Africa v Eng 2nd Test, 3rd day
Sonic Youth 'Daydream Nation'

Monday, December 28, 2009

Frost Patterns

This morning brought the discovery that the hard overnight frost had 'drawn' the most beautiful, delicate, fern- or conifer-like filigree patterns upon the various surfaces of the car...

Not wholly dissimilar from Richard Wright's Turner Prize 2009-winning gold leaf mural, perhaps, in both form & temporal fragility...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas (Eve) Miracle

Today the opposite of tomato is 'just some Joseph looking for a manger'

Well, almost something of a miracle...the appearance of a newly-produced & blogged drawing shouldn't be somewhat 'remakable', but it has been a while, scandalously, since a drawing was processed. Nothing new to report, however, with the continuation of the 'roadkill' diptych theme & format, on this particular occasion featuring an appropriately festively-liveried subject-object (of the habitual found variety)...

graphite & putty eraser with watercolour/30x20cm

Yesterday evening brought a pre-Christmas snowfall, captured photographically at the time (here presented in composite panoramic view over the front garden & the immediate & near-beyond)

& again this morning


Jesca Hoop 'Kismet'
Black Box Recorder 'England Made Me'
Hanne Hukkelberg 'Rykestrasse 68'
Cat Power 'The Greatest'

&, for accompanying the wrapping of the presents, as has become traditional in these parts, for there truly is nothing more efficacious, 'The Essential Leonard Cohen'

Currently enjoying very much the 'getting to know you' process of discovering the many & varied wonders of Jesca's Hoop's 'Kismet', which is providing excellent grist to the creative mill, & fits jolly nicely alongside an album such as 'Rykestrasse 68', another of the year's grateful discoveries & an enduring listening pleasure.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eyes on the (Jerwood Painting) Prize...

A recent trip to Cheltenham, & more specifically the Pittville campus - one's old alma mater - for research & catching-up purposes, also afforded te opportunity to visit the Jerwood Painting Prize 2009, then exhibiting at the Summerfield Gallery therein.

Here is presented a sort of photo essay of the experience...

By one of those strange happenings, the gentleman making a contemplative appearance in the bottom left corner of the final photo is none other than Mr Dan Young, Pittville's resident Painting Technician & also of 'Daily' drawing, painting & blogging fame, whose ongoing project continues to be a welcome port of call during the day.