Wednesday, September 30, 2015

White Pears #7 and #8

Into the second half of September a relocation of the painting 'studio' took place, moving into the conservatory in search of better natural light conditions in which to observe and paint. The first results produced in this new environment are (re)presented below, the objects being arranged against a white paper background and upon a similar length of white melamine shelving as before, the all-over light source reducing shadow contrasts considerably which probably serves the concept of 'white paintings' more appropriately.

Getting even more minimal, pared down, the first painting features but a solitary object, one of the whitewashed model pears.

'White Pear #7'
oil on canvas/10"x10"/September 2015

Whilst the second painting features a pair of the pears, almost touching in the oft-composed manner.

'White Pears #8'
oil on canvas/10"x10"/September 2015


Sunday, September 13, 2015

White Pears #6

Number six in the ongoing series of oil paintings featuring the whitewashed model pears as subject/object matter, observed this time against a white paper background rather than the pale grey wall as previously.

'White Pears #6'
oil on canvas/12" x 16"/September 2015