Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More of the Familiar 'Bull'...

graphite & putty eraser with watercolour/30x20cm

Being the most recently found 'roadkill' object, another example of our so-called 'Readymade Cubism' interestingly & quite intricately folded in its compressed transformation from rounded three-dimensionality into something of much shallower relief, but still tenaciously retaining enough of its recognizable brand identity through the colour of its design & the visible synechdoche of its name, which affords, in art-historical terms, another 'Jasper Johns moment', whose influence maintains a similar tenacity around these parts...


The Chasms 'vs. Dandelion Radio' EP
Boards of Canada 'In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country' EP
Test Match Special S Africa v Eng 2nd Test, 3rd day
Sonic Youth 'Daydream Nation'

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manxieblue said...

we're in good company again! Thanks again from the Chasms for giving our stuff a listen. Just doing guitar & modular overdubs on the 2nd album which should be out in the spring.

All the best for 2010

Richard Quirk