Friday, March 19, 2010

Catching the Express Again

Today the opposite of tomato is 'Hope in the Air'*

graphite/7.5x7.5cm & 14.5x11cm

In the manner of those few examples produced late-ish last year, a couple of recent express drawings made at work, profile portraits of visitors sat at the PC terminals across from that I happened to be occupying at the time, in a colleague's absence. The first sketch was drawn on the only paper surface then to hand, a functional item of stationery.

Wonder if there might be any mileage in the concept & practice of a series of 'Post-It' portraits..?

* 'Hope in the Air' being the initial highlight song & performance from Laura Marling's new album 'I Speak Because I Can', critically-acclaimed & as heard, streamed in its entirely, via The Times' website.

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