Monday, May 31, 2010

Two to Tango #2

Closely related to a recently-preceding example in terms of process-appearance-subject/object matter, this latest drawing-watercolour in the continuing 'roadkill' series features representations of another found 'Tango'-branded reformed can, both flattened planes of which proved to be a suitable case for treatment, as it were, in this instance also, inspiring the exploration of another all-over painterly surface...

graphite, putty eraser, watercolour & wax crayon/30x20cm


Trellis 'Green Wing' soundtrack
Test Match Special England v Bangladesh
, 1st Test, days 3-5

What delight indeed to at last chance upon the availability of a recording of excerpts from Trellis's wonderful soundtrack to 'Green Wing', which, whilst recalling many a scene from the programme, also stands alone as a fine, entertaining accompaniment to the drawing & painting process.
Always a treat to return, gladly, into the cocooning aural embrace of TMS, too, word-painting a complete world-unto-itself: wise words & much enjoyment as is invariably the case with the enduring yet constantly evolving institution: summer is here, at last.

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