Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Night-Time Manoeuvres

At least, that being the assumption based upon the available day-to-day visual evidence. Whatever, certain positional developments had taken place overnight, as, this morning, yesterday's example of 'roadkill' was to be found resting upon the grid itself, having moved along the course of the double black lines from its original resting place adjacent to the right of (as photographed).

Again, a pleasing & serendipitous arrangement that, in addition to allowing the grid to be composed more deliberately within the picture frame, might well provide inspiration to be translated into the representational form of drawing & painting, given the current concern with horizontal & vertical structure.

As noted on the previous occasion this particular grid featured in a 'roadkill' pictorial composition, the printing-like 'shift in register' of the most recent application of the 'black' lines allows, in the case of the lower of the parallel pair, an excellent 'archaeological' appreciation of each of the three layers of paint, the historical process of such, to the immediate left of the grating...

Such findings & recordings of the movements of objects recall a plot device in Tom Robbins' fabulous novel 'Skinny Legs and All', enjoyed some years ago now, where apparently inanimate objects (of an odd assortment including a sock, a can of beans & a painted stick) are, through the process of molecular agitation, actually possessed with the power of locomotion & thus capable of undertaking a great odyssey, with much philosophizing along their way. There's also art (& the mocking of the pretensions of the world of) in there too, along with politics & religion & a marvellous array of characters (in addition to the objects): a most potent brew, & a must-read-again. Soon.

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