Sunday, July 01, 2012

Old School #2

coloured pencil & putty eraser/30x20cm

Being the second example of drawing in coloured pencil processed with reference to a print of a digital image of a mustachioed footballer active in the French Ligue 1 circa 1976, sourced from the splendid 'Old School Panini' (stickers not bread).

Of particular redolence regarding Monsieur Lopez, our portrait subject as resulting from the mark-making interpretive process, is, rather than the individual concerned, the club for whom he played, as stated upon the drawing in the form of lettering, Saint-Etienne, whose mid-1970s team were the very epitome of exotic glamour, aesthetically resplendent in their green satin-finished shirts with the tricolour collar & cuffs, dashing their style across the floodlit fields of Europe, although alas not ultimately successfully outside of France: the nostalgia for such is palpable, the memories triggered still vivid, intoxicating then & imbuing a passion for the continental game that endures.

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