Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Having a Re-think/Re-draw #3: World Cup '74 #3 (Ruben Ayala)

coloured pencil & putty eraser/30x20cm

Presenting the third in the series of drawings based upon, & as the initial point of reference, the stamp/sticker collections issued by FKS & Panini to celebrate the then-upcoming 1974 football World Cup, ‘hauntologically’-rich objects & repositories of memories of the time (specifically, & more generally of the decade of childhood-into-youth).

The immediate visual source from which the drawing was processed was actually an A4 colour print of a digital scan of the original stamp, this image thus considerably scaled-up & consequently significantly pixelated, breaking up into a horizontal-vertical grid of constituent squares of an individual & somewhat ‘unmixed’ nature in terms of colour (like digital ‘pointillism’) which in turn impacts upon the mark-making & appearance of the drawing, which attempts an interpretation rather than a slavish copying.

The subject of the drawing process thus resolves itself into a representation, filtered through time as it were, of Ruben Ayala of the Argentinian squad, one of those names/players I do actually recall from watching the televised coverage of the tournament, cutting a rather distinctive figure as he did with his dark, flowing locks & scoring the third goal in Argentina’s 4 - 1 First Round victory over Haiti.

Also presented is an image of the drawing at the point to which it had progressed at the time of the re-think a couple of Saturdays ago, done in the original style, thus allowing something of a comparison between the old & new approaches.

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