Saturday, March 09, 2013

World Cup '74 #15 (Enrique Wolff)

graphite & puty eraser/30x20cm

Following the recent light ‘other cultural’ interludes in proceedings, today’s entry presents the return of the football World Cup 1974 ‘hauntological memories’ project & the latest slowly-processed drawing in the series (‘slow’ being the abiding philosophy here at TOoT, of course, although this can tip over into self-parody at times), the original photo-object source of which - then manipulated through digital procedures before being represented, ‘de-photographized’ & re-mediated, as handmade drawing (then re-digitized as a scan, of course, for (re)presentation on-screen) - was a sticker from the FKS-published collectors’ album ‘Wonderful World of Soccer Stars World Cup 1974’.

Thus, via the usual process/format of the matrix of toned graphite 5mm squares, the portrait subject that simultaneously coalesces & is fragmentarily obscured is, on this particular occasion, Enrique Wolff, who was selected for inclusion in both the FKS & Panini ‘Munchen ‘74’ albums that serve as the raw material for the project, & also the actual Argentina squad for the tournament. ‘Quique’ Wolff, who, research reveals, post-playing pursued a media career & now presents his own soccer TV programme ‘Simplemente Fútbol’, subsequently started Argentina’s first four matches at the ’74 World Cup, being substituted after 60 minutes in the second game against Italy & then at half-time in the fourth, the opening Second Phase 0 – 4 defeat to Holland, before being omitted for the critical match with Brazil (resulting in another defeat) but then reinstated & awarded the team captaincy for the final ‘dead rubber’ fixture against also-eliminated East Germany. In keeping with the majority of players who appeared in the sticker albums & the televised coverage of the finals themselves, which itself was essentially my entry into taking an interest in football, Wolff was another of those details within the generality previously unknown to me, thus the rendering of his image in monochrome.


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