Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Re-emergence (of sorts)

graphite & putty eraser/30x20cm

Although the uncharacteristically long silence over the last six weeks might have hinted at such, TOoT hasn't in fact been lost in the woods that, at the beginning of June & the last incidence of blogging, we were to be found deep within, but the foot has undoubtedly been taken off the drawing pedal during this period, which, given the availability of longer, precious daylight hours, is nothing short of a disgraceful abdication of responsibility to one's practice.

Notwithstanding, (a) drawing has taken place, yesterday, again taking the woods as subject matter, but this time using an aesthetically distancing photograph of as direct source material rather than being made in place as the previous example. Observing the scene thus, & becoming particularly aware of the network of crisscrossing branches & twigs that form part of the formal structure of the whole along with the verticals & horizontals of the trees, the drawing proceeded, in largely scribbly mark-making mode, thus...

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