Thursday, May 14, 2015

Recently-Acquired Panini Sticker Album of the Day #4; 'Euro 2012'

Another ‘interactive’ investment, on this occasion in a box of the complete set of stickers comprising Panini’s ‘Euro 2012’ collection, with which to populate an empty copy of the album designed for such purpose, itself found abandoned on the ground during a walk around the lanes nearby our then home, almost exactly three years ago, shortly before the tournament itself kicked-off – interesting to note, in relation to the series of flattened ‘roadkill’ aluminium cans I’d been photographing, collecting, drawing & blogging during 2009 – 2011, that the front cover of the album itself bears evidence of having been driven over, for, face-down as it was discovered, it is peppered by small indentations caused by gravel being pressed into it from the force of pressure applied from above, thus being an intriguing ‘historical object’.
For no more than an extra fiver the opportunity was available to acquire a completed album & thus partake of the effort-free passive enjoyment of its contents, but the prospect of some more sticking-as-creative-endeavour, of taking that hands-on active role in ‘making’ the object proved the greater attraction, & so here are the component parts, all ready to go, with a couple hovering in their proper places, just waiting to be stuck... 

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