Friday, July 31, 2015

July Digest

Amongst the July goings-on in the world of TOoT, until now unreported, has been the first oil-painting activity since 2002, no less, not necessarily worthy of fanfare but an occurrence to be noted all the same, performed in a recently-decorated space fit for the purpose of.
On a readymade & prepared canvas with dimensions of 12" x 16", then, are represented a composition of five model pears, those familiar icons, first whitewashed then placed upon an off-white length of shelf against a pale grey wall in order to be subjected to scrutiny & rendered in oils, chiefly Titanium White & Payne's Grey with subtle additions of a few earth colours. The intention is that more such product will follow over the course of the coming months.


RFR Studio said...

YAY!! So good to see you back in action addressing those elusive pears! Looking forward to seeing more!
Becca x

The Darjeeling Fop said...

Thank you! Never could resist, could I?
Good to be oil painting again, hoping to do as much as possible over the holidays and see how it goes.
Hope all's OK with you - how's your painting going?

J x