Sunday, January 17, 2016


Whilst the old painting practice might be in recess at the moment, enjoying what has been a little period of hibernation from shortly before Christmas and since the turn of the new year, thoughts have turned to its resumption & the taking-up of brushes once more, & indeed certain actions have taken place recently to facilitate such, with the photographic evidence below.

What we observe here are five of the model pears, which have served as the physical subject matter for the recent batch of painting productivity (& rather handily, for the purposes of illustration, pictured together as #1 & #14 in the series), subsequently having undergone a process of re-modelling, with air-drying clay applied to alter the original form in the interests of creating something more suitable, more like the shape of the other three objects (e.g. as subjected to the usual scrutiny & representation in #6 & #15) from which I’ve also been working since the summer. Another immersion in whitewash & they were done.

It proved a most satisfying hands-on experience to re-shape the pears, to have that very specific contact with them, deepening the connection with one’s source material, & the results, with their obvious evidence of manu-facture, as sculpted objects, subtly yet significantly re-made, with a range of surface detail - not least a rudimentary faceting, finger- & thumb-marks suggesting an analogy to brushstrokes - that wasn’t previously present, are quite pleasing to the eye too.

Now to compose them upon a horizontal plane & get down to the process of active observation...  

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