Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Line & Colour

Today the opposite of tomato is 'clear and great'

So the morning, with the promise of a couple of hours' drawing time before the day job, dawned delightfully bright & clear, the air cool, the sky traced with vapour trails, wonderful geometric drawings to be seen &, indeed, taking place before one's enthralled gaze...

Those wonderful moments, of such great mathematical beauty, when one line bisects another: (visual) poetry in motion...(& why don't they teach the subject to youngsters in school in this manner, with magic unfurling?)

Also, took the time to gather a few of the japonica's fallen quinces on Saturday, which, although they've yet to be processed & represented in the form of drawing, as intended, have scented the room most headily, & the skins of the fruit glowed golden, magnificently, in this morning's risen sunlight...


Throwing Muses 'In a Doghouse'

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