Tuesday, October 06, 2009

More Scrap Metal...

graphite & putty eraser on paper collage/30x20cm

Continuing with the 'roadkill' diptych drawings, returning on this particular occasion to the use of a collaged ground of torn paper fragments that are intended to allude in some formal manner to both the series of folds & (tri)angular forms into which the original subject-object (here transformed into a particularly compact(ed) & slimline version of its former, fully-rounded self) has been forcibly compressed, & the distressed nature of its scuffed, worn surface appearance.
As with numerous previous examples, the visible 'synechdochal' fragment of brand identity should be sufficient to imaginatively suggest the whole, such is its global ubiquity...


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 'Best of' & 'The Boatman's Call'

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