Tuesday, January 10, 2012

(Not) Going Digital...

Continuing the nascent project of drawing with the new digital pen, the method thus far being the tracing of existing drawings, being guided by the mark-making process of a selection of the enduring favourite artists, & on this occasion using Van Gogh & his distinctive style as the template for such endeavour.

As one follows in the mark-makings of the artist, one is struck by the intensity of the realisation of his vision before & amidst the motif, the obsessive recording of sensations as enshrined in the drawing, with its dynamic all-over surface, so vividly communicated, &, in turn, just how mechanical & removed a process is the tracing, for all the degree of concentrated looking & physical activity required.

Furthermore, the biro inevitably lacks the variety & subtlety of mark-making potential of the range of tools & media used by Van Gogh, his ink pens & pencils, for all that one attempts to be sympathetic to & empathetic with the source image: involved in the drawing process, viewing the reproduction from which one is working, one is unaware, through the accumulating haze of marks made upon the surface of the not-wholly-transparent tracing paper, through which one struggles to see, just how far distanced one is & increasingly becomes until a comparison is made.

Vincent Van Gogh 'Cottage' 1888
pencil, reed pen & pen, with brown & black ink on paper/61x49cm

copy after Van Gogh 'Cottage Garden'
biro on tracing paper/30x20cm

At this point in proceedings, it’s customary to present the digital version of the drawing (process) as recorded by the clip-on receiver & uploaded to the computer: alas, on this occasion, someone forgot to remember to switch the receiver on, thus no record was made/saved of the drawing as it happened, & thus there’s no digital drawing to subsequently convert into text, so we’re left with just the handmade biro tracing of the process.

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