Sunday, June 03, 2012

Brand New, You're Retro (not for the first time)

A refreshing Bank Holiday break in the splendid & creative company of A in lovely, slow Ludlow, &, pottering the streets on this rainy afternoon, the finding in a shop window of topical iconography displaying something of a handmade, distressed &, frankly, punky aesthetic that hauntologically recalls 1977 & the Silver Jubilee more than suggesting the celebrating of contemporary proceedings & anniversaries (this without even pausing to consider the other banner requesting the salvation of a monarch of the opposite gender, whatever that’s all about), at the same time rather serendipitously relating (loosely-)temporally to the current series of drawings based upon images of 1970s footballers, even if they happen to be of the pre-punk period.

In a further occurrence of serendipity, just across the street from the particular shop front in which the flag is displayed, one could find a sign advertising the name of Graham Lewis, synonymous of course with the mighty Wire, their Pink Flag’ & also echoing those cultural times of the punk explosion & its post- fall-out.

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