Monday, June 04, 2012

Time for Tea

graphite & tea/25x20cm

A second dispatch from Ludlow, the location for what’s become a creatively working break, presenting a departure from the series of 1970s footballer drawings, not of course into new subject matter, with teapots having featured as models here previously, but, rather, in terms of a medium used in the resolution of the drawing.
Given the subject/object matter, in the interests of aesthetic integrity it seemed appropriate to attempt the use of liquid tea as a staining agent, rather than watercolour, in conjunction with pencil for a ‘monochrome’ tonal study of the teapot’s form: a ‘brown study’ indeed, apposite to the contemplative nature of the looking-&-drawing process & the hoped-for general air of proceedings here, not least inspired & facilitated by the enjoyment of tea.

As might be appreciated from rare photographic evidence of the drawing environment, three types of tea were utilized in the process of representation, each with their own distinct hue & tone contributing to the finished study. In terms of development potential, the provision of drink for thought, one might say…

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