Sunday, December 09, 2012

Having a Re-think/Re-draw Again #3: World Cup '74 #3 v3

graphite, cloured pencil & putty eraser/30 x 20cm

Presenting, eventually, what is the third version of the third source/subject in the World Cup ’74 stamps/stickers drawing project, in the form now of what has become the standard mode of representation, the A4-printed pixelated original (two versions of) processed within a grid matrix.
In this particular instance, & as previously mooted for such a purpose, the medium used is coloured pencil rather than the habitual monochrome graphite, for the reason that the portrait subject, Ruben Ayala, is one of the few footballers who played at the tournament that I can actually remember from the televised coverage as witnessed, at least by name if not necessarily deed, & who also features within the stamp/sticker collections, thus, it is considered, such memory requires acknowledging, highlighting, aesthetically: such players suggest that they should be separated from the homogenous, unrecalled or never-known mass of the generality of the competition, their representations should be more vivid, even if, ironically, the visual experience came via the medium of black & white television.

Research reveals that Ruben Ayala, of the flowing dark locks, played all 90 minutes of each of Argentina’s six matches at the 1974 World Cup &, as previously noted, scoring one goal, the third in his country’s 4-1 First Round group game victory over Haiti.

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