Monday, December 10, 2012

World Cup '74 #6 (Daniel Carnevali)

graphite & putty eraser/30x20cm

Continuing the hauntologically-inclined World Cup ’74 project, with the series of drawings based upon the contents of a pair of sticker & stamp collections issued in anticipation of &, subsequently, to commemorate the tournament.

Following the established & already oft-mentioned process of image capturing, manipulation & handmade representation, the portrait subject that emerges on this particular occasion - albeit in rudimentarily-pixelated & not necessarily recognizable form - from the toned square by toned square drawing method becomes the sixth member of the Argentina squad as featured in the FKS ‘Wonderful World of Soccer Stars World Cup 1974’ album from which the majority of the original image-objects are being sourced, the goalkeeper Daniel Carnevali, another of those ‘unknowns’ to my memory, who was selected to make five appearances for his country during the course of the tournament, featuring in all their matches except the concluding ‘dead rubber’ fixture against East Germany.

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