Thursday, February 28, 2013

David Bowie’s 70s Sleeves Remixed

Today the opposite of tomato is the end before the beginning

Catching something of a reflection of the current World Cup ’74 drawing project here at TOoT, today delivered some fruitful internet research courtesy of following an intriguingly-illustrated ‘We Like’ link within the contents of the daily Design Week e-newsletter to which I subscribe via the workplace.
Arriving subsequently at the source of, it was interesting indeed to discover the full range of Simon Cryer’s ‘David Bowie’s 70s sleeves remixed’, themselves inspired by Gary Andrew Clarke’s ‘Art Remix’ series, & read with empathy of the enduring attachment to a youthful passion that motivated the creation of this re-imagined artwork, particularly dating as the source material does from the same period as my own inspiration.
Somehow, admiring the matrices of circular 'pixels' into which the source images have been transformed, they appear so quintessentially ‘Seventies’ in design terms that I must admit to feeling the re-mediated 1974 football stickers/player portraits would look better & more appropriate in just such a format too…


Buzzcocks ‘Singles: Going Steady’
Simple Minds ‘Empires & Dance’
Broadcast 'Ha Ha Sound'

Just another couple of youthful passions, & a much more recent one.

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