Saturday, February 02, 2013

World Cup '74 #11 (Ramon Ponce)

graphite & putty eraser/30x20cm

It’s been something of a slow month drawing-wise, what with the settling-in to The Bungalow following relocation & all – not that such circumstances should in any way be used as an excuse for such unacceptable tardiness – but, as January gives way to February, not without a great deal of relief, another in the current ‘hauntological’ World Cup 1974 project has managed to be processed, not least in part due a 5am drawing session yesterday morning (surely the first ever of its kind), when work seemed a better solution than the enervating tedium of extended sleeplessness.

The portrait subject of this particular ‘re-mediated’ drawing - its formal arrangement & the process by which it was made being the project’s generic one of the grid of toned graphite squares, of course - is Ramon Ponce of the Argentina squad as proposed by the FKS ‘Wonderful World of Soccer Stars World Cup 1974’ stamp album which provided the original source printed image-object (then subjected to various digital procedures before emerging as the print which serves as the immediate visual reference), who appears to have left but the ghost of a trace on the old Internet, at least in terms of the details of his playing career, which might be described as sketchy at best: one thing can be stated with certainty, however, & that is the fact that Ramon Ponce did not feature in the Argentinian squad as actually selected for the tournament (or. quite possibly, ever), thus inevitably rendering him unknown to my limited memories of but yet present physically via the historical document(ation) of the album.


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