Friday, May 30, 2014

Recently-acquired Vinyl LP of the Day #2 (Wire 'Chairs Missing')

Celebrating another recent addition to the vinyl collection in the form of what has proved to be one of the enduring post-punk classics, Wire’s second album ‘Chairs Missing’.
In keeping with the philosophy intended to generate the current hunt for items to collect, this LP, as such, is one never personally owned previously, although I did have a selection of its contents as included within the band’s ‘On Returning’ compilation LP.

To describe the experience of hearing the vinyl LP as nothing short of a revelation feels like something of an understatement, such is the difference, positively, compared to the familiar CD & mp3 versions (some of the tracks, indeed, are virtually unrecognizable from their compressed formats) – electric music with such a buzz & edge of palpable energy requires the physicality of vinyl to properly communicate itself & the range of its subtleties, & no substitutes should be accepted in future, unless very reluctantly under circumstances of no alternative.
And of course, there’s also the consideration of the artwork, at the correct 12” square scale to do it proper justice as, again, physical entity.

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