Wednesday, May 14, 2014

World Cup '74 Portrait #53 (Roque Avallay: Argentina)

graphite & putty eraser, with watercolour pencil/30x21cm

Continuing with the project of drawings based upon the original source material of stickers from the FKS ‘Wonderful World of Soccer Stars World Cup 1974’ & Panini ’München 74’ album collections, today’s randomly-chosen portrait subject is Roque Avallay, who featured as a contender in both of the albums but was not subsequently chosen for the official Argentina squad for the tournament, to which he thus enjoys a suitably ‘ghostly’ relationship, &, until coming into possession of the sticker albums, had remained unsurprisingly unknown to me even allowing for my relatively few recollections of what was the first (televised) football in which I took an interest but which has of course proved a seminal event.

For further drawings of Roque Avallay, as featured earlier in previous false-start incarnations of the World Cup '74 portrait project, please see here, here & here.

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