Monday, March 27, 2017

Painting Progress

Slow progress on the current painting over the past couple of weeks (due in part to some of the ‘studio’ time being taken up with prepping three of the ‘woodscape’ series up to exhibition standard, having submitted them for consideration for selection in the upcoming Wrexham Open 2017 - the judging panel’s results are due this Friday 31st), but a weekend blessed with glorious natural light afforded the opportunity and provided just the motivation to proceed over the course of a pair of sessions, even if the lure of Gresford Athletic’s last home league fixture of the football season, with the promise of being able to spend a couple of hours out in the warm sunshine, proved too attractive to resist on Saturday afternoon.

Following the usual habits of the process informing this particular series of work, the bulk of the horizontal painting appears to be done, with revisions as necessary and appropriate to come, of course.

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