Monday, April 03, 2017

Selection Success!

In the previous post, I made mention of fact that I was involved in the preparation of three of the ‘woodscape’ paintings submitted for consideration for inclusion in the upcoming Wrexham Open 2017 exhibition, and on Friday afternoon came the very good news, via email, that two of them had been selected for the show, #2 and #3 as pictured below, which was at least one more than expected.

‘Woodscape #2’ (2016)/oil on canvas/24″ x 48″

‘Woodscape #3’ (2017)/oil on canvas/24″ x 48″

The exhibition opens this coming Friday, 7th April, and continues until Saturday 29th April when the various prizewinning entries will be announced, at the ‘Undegun’ gallery and art space in Wrexham town centre’s Regent Street, and it will be very interesting to see the other chosen artworks and the two ‘woodscapes’ in the context of.

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