Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's the Real Thing (& Some Mock-ups)

Today the opposite of tomato is "old bullet holes behind wild botany"

Out on a mooch with the camera during a brief interval between the rains, & found another example of drinks can 'roadkill' along the course of the double black lines.

Then staged a few compositions, as intended, using samples from the roadkill collection, just to see how they might look...

and just had to see just how a drawn outline would appear upon the actual road surface, such a device having been utilized extensively during the course of the recent series of 'roadkill diptych' drawings...


Hanne Hukkelberg Radio @ LastFM (including all manner of interesting new music & makers)
& an interview with Hanne Hukkelberg, conducted by Chris Douridas, on KCRW, via a link on the artist's website.

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