Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not 'Just Blobs'...

Today the opposite of tomato is "the sweetest grape on the vine"

Presenting the recently-drawn found fruit in photographic form, not least to communicate the vividness of their colour (inspired in such an endeavour not least by the influence of William Eggleston, as enthused about yesterday).

The first & third examples are intended to convey certain aspects of pictorial composition & spatial & colour relationships, whilst the second monochrome version (cropped from the first image) relates more obviously to the graphite drawings as processed & blogged over recent days.

The fourth & fifth images record the subsequent daily passage of time through colour changes (&/or vice versa!)...

Note too the persistence of the rain which characterizes the 'summer' here in 'The Yuk' - the sunlight as observed in the final image is something of an anomaly!

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