Tuesday, July 28, 2009


There just seems to be something about the formal simplicity of the found fruit (of which this drawing as processed records the second gathering) that suggests it is sufficient for it to exist, as arranged, in & for itself in a purely white space...

graphite & putty eraser/30x20cm

Yesterday, the fruits' glorious colours were allowed brief moments of life through the medium of fleeting shafts of sunlight...

An aspect not communicated here, through either drawing or photography, is the heady scent of the fruit, a sensory experience particularly evident whilst sat in close proximity involved in the process of observation & drawing.

Soundtrack ('Last' But Not Least):

Rachel Unthank & the Winterset 'The Bairns'
El Perro del Mar 'Look It's...' (via LastFM)

It would be somewhat remiss at this juncture not to give a fond mention to the simple, quietly-effective, 60s-inflected, gorgeously melancholy & rather wonderful pop of El Perro del Mar, another pleasant new discovery courtesy of LastFM, which is mostly what we've been listening to this past week here at TOoT: late (& more than fashionably so, perhaps), as ever, to the party, of course, but a delightful & welcome find nonetheless, for the introduction it has, by chance, provided to a wealth of intriguing & enjoyable new music (not a little of it emanating, like El Perro, from Scandinavia), & also the facility it on occasion provides of being able to sample albums track-by-track in their entirety, like such an example as this.

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