Saturday, August 04, 2012

Tea for Two #9 (Tea Temples)

coloured pencil & putty eraser/30x20cm

This drawing – the latest in the summer’s tea-themed series in the interests of ‘ArtTeaOlogy’ - depicts a scattered arrangement of another item of tea paraphernalia (indeed, an essential one) in the form of teapigs' 'tea temples', which seems a most appropriately reverent name for receptacles containing the precious tea leaves themselves.

The 'temples' are pyramid-shaped bags of a silky mesh material that allows a slightly misty view of the tea within, in this case a selection of three types - (from left to right) chamomile flowers, rooibos and popcorn tea - all of which were brewed and enjoyed before collecting the used, re-dried bags for the purposes of studying & drawing, attempting in the process of doing so to capture the essence of the fine, delicate objects as observed, and represented within a contemplative pure, white space.

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