Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tea(pot) for Two #11

coloured pencil, graphite & putty eraser/30x21cm

This drawing expands the formal repertoire of the summer’s teapot series by incorporating a representative description of the spatial environment in which the object is situated for observation, including the close-toned & similarly-hued horizontal planes of the circular wooden board & table top, which contrast nicely with the pale grey & blue of the crackle-glazed teapot, & the vertical plane of the wall behind that delimits the recessive depth of the space, upon which has been tacked a squared-up sheet of paper that acts as a form of measuring device to aid the drawing of the object(s).

Such a formal device owes something of a debt of influence & inspiration to the work of Euan Uglow, of course, an artist much admired here at TOoT as regular readers might be aware, whose measured approach was a significant feature of his ever-compelling practice.

Frequent recourse is made to the essential 'Euan Uglow: the Complete Paintings’ in the interests of visual research & here, in a scene from the studio, we see Pickle the cat in close proximity to the very volume: she may appear to be sleeping, as is often her wont, but one prefers to imagine that she is instead engaged in Zen-like contemplation of art...

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