Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tea(pot) for Two #14: Tea Painting #3

Coloured pencil, graphite, watercolour & tea/30x20cm

This drawing, featuring a depiction of the small, delicate bone china teapot found on a charity stall during a recent trip to Ludlow (& represented using the medium of tea on the very day, as blogged), was colour-washed using two media: watercolour to represent the subtle shadows and reflections playing over the mutable surface of the white glaze of the teapot, & also, over the remainder of the picture plane, tea – again, attempting an integrity of adherence to all things tea & the use of in the realization of the artwork. ‘ArtTeaOlogy’ is the name.

Various types of brewed liquid tea were utilized in the process (including pale white and green, orangey Assam and Darjeeling and the rich browns of other black teas), each having their own particular hue, built up in numerous layers to create the range of tones that constitute the ground of the wooden board and table surface upon which the ceramic object sits, and also those areas of the wall behind that are not covered by the squared-up sheet of paper that acts as a measuring device and proportional guide.

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