Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Badge of the Day #85 (Szolnoki MÁV)

Picking up again with what has become by far (indeed, almost exclusively) our most regular feature, with the addition to the collection of a suitably aged object representing Szolnoki MÁV, another of those Hungarian names that just, for whatever reason, seems irresistible, & has been followed since being encountered.
Interestingly, it’s a name that would not have come to notice via the European club competitions, as the great majority of our favourites have but, rather, from research into Hungarian domestic football, that second, more profound level of obsessive nerdiness from which so much delight can be gleaned at the discovery of so many more wonderfully exotic club names.
Such research, in revealing Szolnoki MÁV’s name, would have further unearthed that the club appear to have spent the greater part of their century-plus-long existence operating at a level below the highest echelons of the league, certainly since the 1940s, apart from the 2010/11 season sojourn in the NB1, to which they had earned promotion only to finish in last place, hardly gloriously perhaps, but thrilling nonetheless to be able to appreciate the team & their fine name as a presence in the top division, however fleetingly.
The badge itself is another of those precious vintage objects, hauntologically redolent of a bygone era, of Soviet Hungary behind the Iron Curtain, &, in design terms, the winged crest (since replaced by the club) provides a pleasing element of difference to the collection.

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