Saturday, March 29, 2014

Badge of the Day #94 (US Hostert)


This very latest addition to the collection represents US Hostert, a recent name to have emerged on the Euro-radar, currently resident in the second tier of Luxembourg’s domestic soccer pyramid, to whence they returned after a single-season sojourn in the top flight in 2011-12, having finished firmly in last place with an admirably ‘heroic’ low total of 8 points, accrued from two wins & two draws, from 26 matches, accompanied by a goal-difference of -60 (to which 1 – 9, 1 – 6 & 0 -6 home defeats made a not inconsiderable contribution).
The second & third levels have very been much been Hostert’s natural habitat, since promotion to the latter from the fourth tier in 2001-02, before which they had spent their time oscillating between third & fourth.

The badge itself is a contemporary object, thus lacking any of the usual desirable vintage aspect, yet it provides the perfect vehicle for the club’s crest, which is of fine if idiosyncratic design: the green & white colour combination is obviously an attraction, as is the figure of the footballer, drawn by a sequence of elegant curves that yet somehow coalesce into the suggestion of a certain unathletically chubbily stiff clumsiness (contrast this with the angular dynamism of the graphic player representing Timok Zaječar on that club’s badge) - as might befit a lower division player, perhaps - & his head described by the ‘O’ of ‘Hostert’, all rather irresistible & something to be sported with a particular pride.

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