Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Badge of the Day #89 (Tavriya Simferopol)

Today featuring Tavriya Simferopol, another of those fabulously romantic football club names that probably emerged into consciousness when the Ukraine/Crimea did from behind the old Iron Curtain (the club was, indeed, the first league champions of the independent Ukraine), rendered in those ever-desirable Cyrillic characters, which communicate that suitably exotically Eastern quality, upon an object the tarnished, base metal  appearance of which suggests might well be of a Soviet-era vintage, thus brimming with hauntological promise & redolent of those Cold War days.
It’s a shame to see ‘the Tav’ currently effectively propping up the Ukrainian Premier League, a situation not helped by Sunday’s 1 – 2 home loss to Dynamo Kiev, but surely that wonderful name will prevail & the team will soon be on the rise, to safety, before the season’s end.
Interestingly, & topically, given the current political crisis in the Ukraine & Crimea in particular, an article today details Tavriya Simferopol's & another Crimean club's plans to relocate to the Russian league system for next season.

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