Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Badge of the Day #95 (RWD Molenbeek #3)


Presenting today a new addition in the form of the third badge now in the collection to represent our beloved-from-the-Seventies RWD Molenbeek, this being an object obviously of a certain vintage, which of course imbues it with that particular ‘hauntological’ irresistible desirability.

The design of the emblem upon is something of a riff on the club’s official one, with the black & red squares to the left of the black & white stripes, & the red circled white star inset within all present & correct, then topped with the RWDM initials set in green, which ‘header’ diverts from the norm yet adds an attractive zing of colour. Note also how the ‘RD’ & ‘WM’ are set within their own individual cells within the overall grid structure, all of which adds to the sense of the logo being something like a miniaturized painting, especially with the ‘handmade’ wonkiness of the lettering & star shape, something in the manner of Jasper JohnsFlag & alphabets, for a couple of fine examples - one can just imagine it enlarged to a grander scale, striking composition & image that is undoubtedly is.

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