Saturday, June 27, 2015

Badge of the Day #101: NK Slaven Koprivnica

Today’s addition to the collection was by no means an intentional one, but to be welcomed into the still-expanding fold all the same, being sent as one of a pair of free gifts by Tomislav in Osijek, from whom we recently acquired a small number of international football badges via the Delcampe website, a veritable treasure trove of the exotic & obscure from across Europe.

This particular example, most unusual & striking in its octagonal form, is a fine object representing the name of Slaven Koprivnica of Croatia, featuring the red and white checkered signifier of their home nation & also our favourite red star, a noble & ‘ostalgic’, indeed Yugo-nostalgic, addition to any such design.
Of the club & its history, we must admit to having known nothing as such, but the discovery that their home is a stadium with a capacity of a mere 3,200 spectators is an instantly endearing one.

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