Saturday, June 06, 2015

Recently-Acquired Panini Sticker Album of the Day #8: French 'Football 78'

Following on from its predecessor, Panini’s French edition ‘Football 78’ also seemed an essential acquisition when research revealed the opportunity existed to add such a publication to the collection, & so it came to pass.

This time, the stickers return to the head-and-shoulders portrait format for the images of the Ligue 1 clubs’ trainers and players, where one is better able to appreciate the varieties of personal grooming on display – of the former, it’s impossible not to admire the look of Strasbourg’s Gilbert Gress, whilst Paris SG’s newly-appointed Jean-Michel Larque (last year still a member of the Saint-Etienne playing staff – that’s one of the good things about owning consecutive albums, such an opportunity to see the subtle changes) & his ‘medallion man’ style might be considered a bit risqué, were he not French.

The album’s centrespread is, on this occasion, comprised of stickers of the badges of the national associations of the countries against whom France had played football matches up to the time, & to conclude matters, any coverage of the Second Division is overlooked in order to make way for a gallery of monochrome portraits of the ‘stars of the past’ of French soccer.

As ever, words cannot do such a delightful archive justice, so please take the time to enjoy this selection of sample pages…

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