Sunday, December 13, 2015

White Pears #18

Today the opposite of tomato is Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty

(Re)presenting the very latest in the series of paintings taking a selection of the whitewashed model pears as subject/object-matter, the final all-over surface being the result of a single two-hour painting session yesterday afternoon, the textures again being layered upon each other as the process progressed to a point of conclusion, as observation prompts constant revision until something of a representation of the thingness of things in space, Braque's tactile space, is achieved, producing another palpably physical thing, its surface described by light as are the models' & their immediate environment.

'White Pears #18'
oil and acrylic on canvas/10" x 14"/December 2015




In Other Matters

It's delightful to be able to report that once again it's Moon Wiring Club season, with, on this particular occasion, a veritable cornucopia of three simultaneous releases, comprising the vinyl LP 'Why Does My House Make Creaking Noises?', the CD 'Playclothes From Faraway Places' & the glossy brochure 'The Lovely Day', the latter expanding upon the music's accompanying 'explanatory' artwork (which of course only serves to deepen the overarching (non)sense of the curious and uncanny goings-on in Clinkskell) which is, as ever, such an integral part of the whole.

The artwork is of course ravishing, whilst the music contained within, in both its analogue & digital forms, marks a development from the signature sound - although the familiar elements are there, the de-/re-contextualized, disembodied, clipped terribly English found voices, etc - into something noticeably more 80s' electronic, more synthesised sounding, more danceable dare one opine (albeit as a non-dancer), the drum machine beat-driven 'tunes' alternating with more atmospheric, beat-free pieces where one can feel the ghostly mists coiling: it's wonderful stuff, comfortably unsettling in the best possible way, utterly compelling. Nice one, again, Mr Hodgson (& the cast of characters).


Anonymous said...

I'm listening once again to the signal of a symptom soon to be exhausted - been a few years since I last played it - and its nice that on typing the phrase into a search engine I discover that you're still actively counter-tomatoing.

The Darjeeling Fop said...

I really need to call that particular Cab again & immerse myself in 'Western Mantra' for 20 minutes - hope you enjoyed your listen-to, & thanks for stopping by & commenting, much appreciated.