Sunday, August 02, 2009

Drawing Flat-Out Again

graphite & putty eraser/30x20cm

Returning after a briefish hiatus to the subject of the 'roadkill' diptych drawings, this particular found object once again displays fine & compelling 'Cubistically' compressed & folded form, including something of a 'synechdochal' truncation of its brand name.
Returning also to the practice of using an 'aesthetically distanced' source, as has been the case with most of this year's work, the drawing was processed mostly from a photocopy, with occasional reference to the object itself, the drawing thus being re-mediated from an already mediated representation of the original object, with an interplay thus occurring between more recent & much older 'technologies', this process then becoming more complicated again when digitally scanning the finished drawing & subsequently presenting the resulting image, via a software program, on the 'net, a complex set of reproductions & representations.

Also encountered not another example of a 'roadkill' can set against the double black lines road markings, but in fact one previously photographed (please refer to the first image in last Sunday's post) now having been shifted by some unknown agency (most probably vehicular, of course, but given my own dabblings amongst the gutters, this can not be guaranteed!) into a new (com)position...


Black Box Recorder 'England Made Me'
The Delgados 'The Great Eastern'
Hanne Hukkelberg 'Rykestrasse 68'
Sigur Ros 'Aegytis Byrjun'
Test Match Special
Eng v Aus
3rd Test, day 4

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