Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Tribute to Persistence

Today the opposite of tomato is 'an argument punctuated by sex'

graphite, putty eraser & watercolour/30x20cm

Being the latest in the sequence of 'roadkill' diptych drawings, this processed with reference to both the 'Readymade Cubism' of the found object & also an 'aesthetically distanced' photocopy of.
Again, the object itself & subsequent representation of offers an example that displays, even in the reduced circumstances of its compressed & distressed state, the tenacity of its brand identity to communicate its message, with the flowing, looping lines of its script being recognisable enough to do so even in fragmented form, something of a marvel of synechdoche & also telling of the ubiquity of such signage, branded indeed, indelibly so, into the personal & common cultural psyche.


Joy Division 'Unknown Pleasures' & 'Closer'
Belle & Sebastian 'Push Barman To Open Old Wounds'
& 'The Boy With the Arab Strap'

The welcome recent repeat of the peerless BBC TV documentary 'Factory: Manchester from Joy Division to Happy Mondays' being more than sufficient inspiration to listen to a bit of JD again, in best 'always a pleasure (if hardly 'unknown', after all these years), never a chore' style, magnificently goose pimple inducing as ever, followed by the many & delightful charms of the earlier output of Belle & Sebastian: how bright still burns the independent spirit within one's soul, to the very core.

It would, too, be most remiss not to enthuse rather on the subject of the Beeb's (them again) current 'Desperate Romantics' series, a playful fictionalisation of the tale of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, & the art, lives & loves thereof - visually ravishing & jolly good fun.

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