Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pears #6

A slight shuffle in the position of the 6 pears as featured immediately previously, again (indeed, as habitually) observed 'contre jour', but not on this occasion also drawing against the light as it faded into dusk, instead enjoying the luxury & freshness of a morning session which brought intermittent sunlight, with the drawing process (as record of time spent looking & representing) thus attempting to capture something of this aspect of the development of the light conditions into the progression of its own temporality.

graphite & putty eraser/30x20cm

Note how the developing marks upon the surface of one of the pears form an approximation of facial features, thus lending something of a 'portrait' aspect to proceedings within the context of representing the particular forms & features of the individual objects within the general group.

Note also how something similarly 'facial' occurs within the subtle colour & tonal transitions of the keenly observed & wittily captured representation of the form & surface of the pear in Euan Uglow's monumental 'Fruit Pyramid'...

(image from 'Euan Uglow: the Complete Paintings', Yale, 2007)

Taking the theme further, & into the realm of anthropomorphism, one recalls Magritte's 'Lyricism', painted in 1947 during the period of the artist's 'Renoiresque', 'Impressionist' stylistic departure,

(image taken from Suzi Gablik, 'Magritte', T&H 'World of Art' series, 1985)

& an earlier visual memory yet, of Daumier's caricature of King Louis Philippe, satirically representing the monarch's decline in public popularity, his head gradually transforming into a pear!

Honoré Daumier 'Les Poires', pencil, 1831


Portishead 'Dummy' & 'Portishead'

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