Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Seasonal Return 'Home'

graphite & putty eraser/30x20cm

Further to the autumnal air introduced into proceedings yesterday, at least musically, & notions of the ‘mellow fruitfulness’ of the season, here presenting the first result of a return to a much-worn theme of my personal artistic history: pears became, for some time during the period of formal art education & then beyond, an obsessive subject of study & representation, being the perfect models in possessing as they do such magnificent, pleasing form – a natural design classic indeed.

This drawing was processed with the pears arranged contre jour & also against the seasonal fading light of evening (concentrating one's efforts into the available time, at least). Harking back a couple of years, & to the series of drawings & watercolours of quinces produced then (please refer to the October 2007 archive), the composition is informed by a certain sometime aspect of Euan Uglow’s still life practice, with some of the individual fruits placed in particularly close proximity in order to attempt some form of ‘charge’ in the narrow spaces between.


Appropriately crepuscular accompaniment provided via a journey into the depths of the curious goings-on in Clinksell...

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