Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Roadworks Again...

graphite & putty eraser/20x30cm

Returning to the theme of the local 'double black lines' road markings, & a drawing processed from such source material as has previously featured, during the course of the summer, in original photographic form, including its very own particular example of 'roadkill' in the form of a representation of a puppet character from a TV car ad (having come to a fitting end, it might be said).

In keeping with previous examples, the drawing attempts the balance of maintaining the integrity of the explicitly mark-made ground whilst also representing at least a suggestion of the nature of the tarmacked road surface of the source image. Again, given the subject matter, the traditional genres of landscape (albeit in constructed form &, as something of a perceptual complication, presented in portrait format in this instance) & still life are brought together within the same image as processed.


Galaxie 500 'This Is Our Music'
Nick Drake 'Five Leaves Left'
Portishead 'Third'

On what became, following a bright dawn, a misty morning of a distinctly autumnal nature, recourse to 'Five Leaves Left' as musical accompaniment to the hunkering-down of the drawing process felt most appropriate & somehow inevitable: a most seasonal sound indeed, mellow & melancholy in its wistful way...

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