Monday, June 09, 2014

Recently-acquired Vinyl LP of the Day #3 (The Pastels 'Up For a Bit With The Pastels')

Today presenting, in our occasional series, the very wonderful ‘Up For a Bit With The Pastels', one of the holy trinity of Scottish bands’ debut albums – the others being the Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘Psychocandy’ & Belle and Sebastian’s ‘Tigermilk’ – that remain so dear to TOoT’s heart & sonic aesthetic ideals (& now all present & correct in vinyl form, it gives us great pleasure to announce, contemplate & enjoy).

This proved to be one of those LPs once & originally owned on vinyl that just had to be reclaimed for the collection as an essential component, the vitality of vinyl being the only way to properly experience the music contained within, from the opening thrill of “Ride” (hold on tight, there), the various guitar-twanging tunes on side one, the chiming bells of the glorious pop of “Automatically Yours”, the fuggy fuzz of “Baby Honey”, to the closing strings of the gorgeous “If I Could Tell You”, classic stuff indeed.

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