Thursday, June 12, 2014

World Cup '74 Portrait #80 (Jan Tomaszewski: Poland)

graphite & putty eraser, with watercolour pencil/30x21cm

This evening might see the kick-off of the 2014 World Cup, with the hosts Brazil playing Croatia in the opening match, but here at TOoT, whilst we will doubtless keep an eye on proceedings over the next month, we’re very much still & settled in 1974 in World Cup terms (when, in a curious coincidence, then-holders Brazil faced the former Yugoslavia - from part of the ashes of which Croatia has subsequently re-emerged, of course - in the tournament’s inaugural fixture), as the project concerning the representation of some of those players who featured in, & some of those of those who didn’t, continues.

That being the case, the latest subject to emerge from the drawing process is the legendary Jan Tomaszweski, who was selected for inclusion in both the FKSPanini ‘World Cup ‘74’ sticker albums, the Poland squad for the Finals &, subsequently, the team for each of the Poles’ 7 matches in the tournament, where he excelled to the extent of becoming the first goalkeeper to save two penalty kicks at a World Cup, all this in addition to his prior heroics in famously keeping England at bay in the 1 – 1 draw at Wembley that saw Poland qualify for the Finals at their hosts’ expense.
Having already such a high profile enabled Tomaszweski’s to become one of the few names I recognized (quite a few, though, whom were goalkeepers: obviously it’s the singularity of the position that renders its incumbents memorable, more so than many an outfield player) during my first real, concentrated exposure to football as a televised spectacle, & remain in the consciousness, able to be recalled instantly, thereafter.

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