Tuesday, June 17, 2014

World Cup '74 Portrait #84 (Juan Rodriguez: Chile)

graphite & putty eraser, with watercolour pencil/30x21cm

The latest randomly-chosen subject is Juan Rodriguez, who was represented in both the FKS- & Panini-published collectors’ sticker albums commemorating the 1974 World Cup, & subsequently selected for inclusion in the official Chile squad for the tournament, during which he appeared but once, in the Chileans’ opening defeat to hosts West Germany, being withdrawn in the 83rd minute.
Although I can recall being aware of Chile’s presence in the ’74 World Cup, none of the individual players’ names registered at the time, thus Juan Rodriguez is another of those many ‘ghosts’ whose presence is hauntologically maintained through photographic record in the physical relics of the items of memorabilia that serve as the original source material for this drawing project. 

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