Saturday, October 04, 2014

World Cup '74 Portrait #162 (Wim Van Hanegem: Holland)

graphite & putty eraser, with watercolour pencil/30x21cm

After another of those later-week drawing lulls, we’re able to get the weekend going with the latest subject in the project as it continues, representing here an image of Wim Van Hanegem, who was selected for inclusion in both the FKSPanini World Cup ’74 sticker albums, & subsequently the official Holland squad for the tournament, in which he went on to play in all 7 of the Dutch team’s matches on the way to their losing appearance in the Final itself, & is a name remembered from the television coverage of the tournament, one of the handful that registered at the time.

By one of those wonderful occurrences of serendipity, this very morning, before embarking on today’s drawing process, a long-required copy of the 26th October 1974 edition of Shoot! magazine arrived at TOoT Towers, having been tracked down at last, including the must-have-for-the-archives ‘Results’ section featuring the first mentions of a number of our enduringly-favourite European clubs as they’d been drawn against British teams in the first rounds of the 3 continental competitions, those names that had so stirred the blood & romantic tendencies (Strømsgodset, RWDM, AjaxFerencváros), & also carrying an interview with the very same Wim Van Hanegem, most interestingly speaking his mind about a number of footballing matters, not least the ’74 World Cup & its Final match & the domestic Dutch rivalry between Ajax & Feyenoord, then in what was probably an unremarkable manner but now reads shockingly forthright in a PR-driven age when footballer-drones say nothing that could be considered anything other than anodyne, utterly content-less & opinion-free in nature as it is (although the managers might have a post-match grumble-in-the-moment, which isn’t the same thing as a considered critique anyway).

In a further coincidence, the ‘Focus On’ feature in this particular Shoot! has as its subject Eric Morecambe (whose football connection was his then-presidency of Luton Town), with suitably light-hearted responses to the usual series of questions, also half the subject of the stage production Eric & Little Ern which, with rather a great deal of anticipation, A & I are off to see this very evening.

(P.S. it was a wonderful, highly enjoyable show, spot-on performances & a fitting tribute)

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