Tuesday, October 21, 2014

World Cup '74 Portrait #172 (Sven-Gunnar Larsson: Sweden)

graphite & putty eraser, with watercolour pencil/30x21cm

The latest subject to be randomly drawn is Sven-Gunnar Larsson, who was a member of the Sweden squad as represented in the FKS ‘Wonderful World of Soccer Stars World Cup 1974 sticker album, & then the official one for the Finals themselves, where, as reserve goalkeeper to Ronnie Hellström, he alas didn’t get to make an appearance in any of the Swedes’ six matches, although the records show he played twice at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, displacing Hellström after Sweden’s first group match. Needless to say, he remained one of the many unknown names of the ’74 World Cup until the acquisition of the sticker album & the beginnings of this drawing project.

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